Always transparent on fees

We are proud of how hard we work for our fees and believe we have one of the most competitively priced offerings in our industry.

Please take a look at our client agreement for further detail on the services we offer and associated charges.


Maximum initial sign up fee

Fees - Guidance - Slone Capital

Provide full guidance to support your financial decision

Fees - Administration - Slone Capital

Handle all fund and policy administration on your behalf

Fees - Updates - Slone Capital

Provide regular updates to keep you informed of progress

Fees - Documents - Slone Capital

Ensure all your documents are issued in line with your expectations

Fees - Information - Slone Capital

Provide confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf in writing


Maximum ongoing fee

Fees - Structure - Slone Capital

Structured reviews to give you peace of mind

Fees - Asseessment - Slone Capital

An assessment of your circumstances and any changes to your plans that are needed

Fees - Updates - Slone Capital

Regular updates and information regarding your holdings

Fees - Support - Slone Capital

A choice of differing levels of support depending on your needs

Fees - Correspondence - Slone Capital

Ongoing support with correspondence and administration issues