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Corporate Clients


Understanding your business is by far the most important component in defining a corporate planning strategy. Your business isn’t static and nor should your planning be. Once we have a clear understanding of what you do and where you are going, we can get to work on what you need. Corporate planning typically involves a greater level of client involvement, and we work hard to cultivate the relationship with our clients to make this happen.


We are well connected and use our influence to achieve the best possible terms for our clients. With direct links into the very hub of some of the biggest insurance companies in the UK, we have access to specialists who can make difficult or complicated planning a reality. We know our market and it’s appetite, its strengths and its weakness.


We present an initial strategy to the key decision makers, which is quickly and collaboratively refined to accommodate your cost concerns and priorities. At the end we’ll have a well thought out plan of action that showcases comparative providers, helping you fully understand the advantages and options available. We’ll then implement the strategy together, scheduling regular maintenance and review periods, so it’s always fit for purpose and inline with your business needs.

Proof is in the Pudding

At Slone Capital we don’t market, canvas or advertise ourselves. Our strong bank of private clients has been developed almost exclusively as a result of our corporate relationships, as employees look to improve their financial circumstances. We believe that this, above all else, speaks volumes about the strength of our guidance.


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